The Truth About Sex During Pregnancy

pregnant-1Yes, I know I said it, SEX! I’m not sure why people get so bent out of shape about sex, but it’s a part of our everyday life and it’s how miracles are made!! (In my case four to be exact…lol).

So, I’ve decided to write this article because I myself, am currently pregnant and a lot of my friends are as well. I know that sex during pregnancy has always been a concern of mine and for most other moms to be.

Although I have 3 other children, I’ve always questioned whether it was safe, what were the pros and cons and when should I stop.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s perfectly normal to keep having sex during pregnancy. In fact, it’s HEALTHY! There’s no reason that you have to stop being intimate with your partner because you’re pregnant.

I have to admit that during my first two pregnancies, I stopped at six months. I was afraid that I would hurt the baby if I continued. But after doing so much research and reading so many books, I’ve come to learn that it’s not harmful at all!  In fact, it provides a lot more benefits for baby, mom, and dad!

Now that I’m into my third trimester, I’m experiencing the heartburn and Insomnia at night. I’m pretty exhausted during the day, but when those lights go out, baby and I are wide awake. One of those nights I decided to be intimate with my partner and right after, I passed out like a baby. I slept so well that I even forgot when or how I fell asleep.  To my surprise, I woke up with energy and in a great mood!

I’ve spoken to a lot of my friends that have been pregnant in the past, and everyone seems to shy away from the idea of sex during pregnancy. I completely understand why as well.

Sometimes a woman at that stage just feels uncomfortable with everything that’s going on inside and we don’t always have the most confidence, but I’m sure that daddy understands and is willing to help you through the process to make you feel as beautiful as you are!!

I’ve listed all the Benefits of sex during pregnancy to help ease all your worries!! And of course, if you have any medical conditions that you are afraid may stop you from being intimate, make sure to consult with your doctor or midwife.

  • The number one thing that women and their partner worry about is…Will I hurt the baby during intercourse? The answer is NO! The baby is well protected by the Uterus muscles and the Amniotic Sac.
  • Sex lowers your blood pressure…Now this is very important during pregnancy, it helps to prevent Pre-eclampsia (which I actually had during my first pregnancy. I can tell you that it was very scary, and remember I stopped having sex at 6 months during that pregnancy).  Having sex supplies better blood flow so that baby can receive better oxygen, therefore receiving all the nutrients needed for the best development and growth.
  • Stress Reducer…This I have to say is so so true. Those nights that I mentioned earlier where I have trouble sleeping, well sex has been a fixer for my insomnia. Orgasms during pregnancy are actually stronger due to the estrogen blood flow and sensitive nerve endings. Some women actually experience an orgasm for the first time during pregnancy! That’s a stress reducer in its self!
  • Connecting to your partner…I know a lot of women think that now that they are pregnant, they no longer have to be intimate with their partner due to the circumstances. Ladies, this is not true!  In fact, it’s probably more important now than ever. It’s great for bonding and considering you won’t be able to be intimate for at least four weeks after delivery, you’ll need all the bonding you can get before baby comes.
  • Stronger Pelvic Floor Muscles…Although some women prefer to do just their Kegels, I prefer both. Sex will help to strengthen those pelvic muscles and help you get ready for labor. The stronger those pelvic muscles are, the easier labor will be for you and baby.
  • Boosts Immunity…Yes ladies, if I haven’t convinced you yet, then this is the ONE benefit that should have you connecting with your partner tonight. With the weather getting colder and your immune system already at a low, sex will help keep you and baby healthy. When you have sex your IGA Antibody level increases, which help to keep away those colds. So I say, Sex once a day, keeps the doctor away…hehe!!
  • Confidence Booster…I know it’s not always easy to feel sexy and beautiful during pregnancy, but it’s important to know that being pregnant is an amazing and beautiful thing. Understanding that and embracing it, will help get you through those tough days. And believe me, nothing is sexier than a confident woman.
  • Helps to improve sleep…Like I mentioned before about my prior issues, after you have an orgasm, endorphins are released which help calm the body and the baby. The motion during sex can actually “rock the baby to sleep”, allowing you to get the rest needed to help ease fatigue the next day. I’ve actually tested this, and days my partner and I are not intimate, I have a hard time sleeping, therefore leaving me restless and nagging the next day.
  • Preparation for Labor…Having sex up until the day you deliver (as long as you are having a normal healthy pregnancy), will help for the big day. The semen actually helps to ripen and prepare the uterus for delivery. I stayed faithful to this during my last pregnancy and we delivered on our due date! It was a fast and healthy delivery.

Now that you know some of the most important benefits of sex during pregnancy, start enjoying what is left of your pregnancy experience. Remember that this is a time to enjoy this adventure and to know what it’s going to bring. A miracle is being created and there is no need to be ashamed of it, or for it to not be enjoyable for you or your partner.

This is the time to bond and get ready for a new life. I hope that this was able to shed some light for all you beautiful pregnant mommas out there!! I’ve attached a link to also help ease those position questions and concerns. Pregnancy Sex Positions



31 Days of Halloween

Yay for October!! I’m sure everyone is just as excited as I am about the month of October. Although I enjoy all the Fall months, October happens to be my favorite. I guess because it’s the beginning of the season and everything pumpkin and scary is in full effect!

By the time November hits, I personally have to give all the pumpkin stuff a break…Plus that’s when all the Christmas flavors hit the stands and Holiday cheer is needed…especially after a month of being scared every night before you go to bed…lol.

Anyways, So in our home, every night we sit down together after dinner to watch a Halloween themed movie. Here is my list of 31 Days of Halloween counting down from 31!! Enjoy and please let me know some movies your family enjoys.

31. The Addams Family



I love starting things off with some older traditional ones and more on the not so scary side. I still love this movie!

30. Corpse Bride

I’m such a big Tim Burton Fan so I always almost want to watch this movie right away. I’m sure most will agree

29. Halloween-The Night He Came Home 

Considering there are 10 Halloween Films, I spread them out throughout the month. (We only watch 8 of them though because I don’t like the last two).

28. Hocus Pocus hocus-pocus

This movie never gets old!

27. Sleepy Hallow

Who doesn’t enjoy a night by the T.V. watching Sleepy Hallow!

26. Halloween IIhalloween-ii

25. BeetleJuice

A Classic that is still just as good as when I first watched it!

24. IT-This movie gets me every time. I’m not a big clown fan so I’m pretty shaken by the end of this film!

23. Monster Housemonster-house

We watch this whether it’s October or not.

22. HellRaiserhellraiser

This is definitely a good classic that will have the kids spooked.

21. Carriecarrie

 I like the original but they also have the newer version as well that is good too.

20. The Nightmare Before Christmasnightmare

 One of my favorites all year round!

19. Halloween III-Season of the Witch…

18. ET- The Extra-Terrestrial

17. Casper

16. Friday the 13th –Now one thing I love about Halloween time is Jason, Micheal, and Freddy. So I make sure I get them all

15. A Nightmare on Elm St. freddy

14. Ernest Scared Stupid- I always like to throw in some non-scary movies.

13. Scared Shrekless- Make sure to add some ones in there for the little ones!

12. Halloween 4- The Return of Micheal Myers

11. Child’s PlayYou can’t forget about Chuckie!

10. Red Riding Hood– I love the 2011 version!

9. Halloween 5The Revenge of Micheal Myers

8. Child’s Play 2

7. Freddy VS. Jason

6. Boogeyman

5. Halloween-The Curse of Micheal Myers

4. Halloween H2O

3. Jason X

2. The Exorcist

1. Halloween Resurrection- I always like the last day for a good old Micheal Myers Movie!


So there are my 31 Days of Halloween Films!! I hope you all get a chance to watch a few!! Happy Movieween!!




Fall Family Fun Activities In New Jersey & Pennsylvania

So as I’m doing my Fall Family Fun planning, I figured I’d make a list of all the things we like to do and share them with all my friends and family!! I’ve included the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas, but these activities are in any area you live in. With a little research, you’ll be immersed in Fall activities in no time! Lets get started!!

Fall Family Canning

There’s no better time to start canning then Fall! Take the family to one of your local farms and everyone can pick their own fruits and vegetables. Or travel out further for a day away and visit a farm in another town! Take it home, invite some friends and family over and make Applesauce, Jam or tomato sauce! Everyone can leave with their own canned creations! I’ve attached a link for farms in NJ and PA. Click here for NJ…  Click here for PA…

Family Fall Pumpkin Picking


So I like to separate Canning and Pumpkin picking because they are each so much fun, that they shouldn’t have to share a day. Take a trip back to the farm and grab some pumpkins! Also, while you’re there, make sure to take a Hayride through the farm or take an adventure through one of their corn mazes. On your way out, sit for some warm Apple Cider! (YUMMY!)

Now is the part the kids really enjoy…Go home and carve out your pumpkins! Make sure to throw on a Halloween movie and some snacks as well!

Castle/Mansion Tours

Take a day trip with the family and visit some Historical Castles and Mansions! Make sure to bring your cameras for this trip! You won’t be disappointed! I’ve listed some Castles and Mansions to tour in NJ and PA. Most of these Historical Sites offer fun fall tours such as reenactments, festivals and Ghost Tours. Make sure to check websites for types of tours, hours and scheduling.

  • Lambert Castle-Paterson NJ (Oct. 15, Harvest Fest and Legend of Sleepy Hallow)
  • Liberty Hall-Union NJ (Currently Apple Harvest!)(October is Fall Harvest!)
  • Skylands Manor-RingWood NJ (Botanical Garden)
  • Emlen Physick Estate-Cape May NJ (Clueless Mystery Tours on Saturdays!!- Halloween Happenings starting Oct. 14th.)
  • Walt Whitman House-Camden NJ (Call for tour schedule)
  • Drumthwachet-Princeton NJ (Registration required a day prior for tours-Free)
  • Smithville Mansion-Eastampton NJ (Wednesday and Sunday Tours.)
  • Kuser Farm Mansion-Hamilton NJ (Saturday and Sunday Tours)
  • Fonthill Castle-Doylestown PA (This also includes the Mercer Museum!) Twilight Tales October 8th.
  • Bowman’s Castle-Brownsville PA (Weekend day tours,History and Ghost Tours)
  • Stokesay Castle-Reading PA (Wedding and Dinning Only)
  • Glencairn Castle Museum-Bryn Athyn PA (Family Backpack Tour is cool!) And of course their Medieval Festival. Check for dates…
  • Sibley Castle-Franklin PA (Make sure to call for tour dates and times.)
  • Grey Towers Gifford Pinchot Castle-Milford PA (Moveable Feast Oct. 1st..yummy!)

Bonfire and Camp Night

This personally is one of my most favorite things to do in the fall. It’s a great way to start the season. It’s relaxing but lots of fun for adults and kids. Have some friends and family over (or just your household).  Make a Bonfire and fire up some marshmallows and hot cocoa! Make sure to add some scary story telling to the circle! Then have the children camp out!(If they’re not too scared from story time…lol).  They can play board games, listen to music and eat snacks in the tent!! This is definitely something the kids won’t forget. I’ve attached some instructions on making a Bonfire at home. How to build a Bonfire instructions…


So this is something my dad used to do with us as kids, so now I’ve passed the tradition to my family, which they love! It’s inexpensive, you can take the little ones, and you get to see TWO movies instead of just one! In NJ we go to Delsea Drive-In, in Vineland. It’s open on Fridays and Saturdays. Check for current movies and make sure to get there by 6PM although movies don’t start till 7:15. Once it’s full, there’s no entrance. So get there EARLY! This is especially fun to take the family for their movie Horror Nights! Don’t forget your chairs and blankets!! Delsea Drive-In

In PA, head out to Shankweiler’s in Orefield. It’s America’s oldest drive-in and from my experience, it’s the better one of the two. It’s a 2-hour drive for my family from NJ but we don’t mind…it fills fast, so again, GET THERE EARLY!! Shankweiler’s Drive-In

Fall Festivals

Fall Festivals are probably a fan favorite all around. There are corn mazes, hayrides, face painting, pumpkin picking and painting, apple picking, bonfires, Apple Cider, candy apples and bands! (And of course beer and wine for the parents). I’ve provided a link for Fall festivals in NJ and PA. You can also view Haunted House Attractions and Ghost Tours on these sites. NJ Fall Festivals   PA Fall Festivals

Day Trip In Lancaster

Take a day trip to the beautiful Lancaster County Amish Country. With the air cooler, the leaves falling and the smell of fall, Lancaster is the place to be! It’s also Harvest Season in Lancaster County, so you’ll be coming home with fresh produce and baked goods. Make sure to visit Cherry Crest Adventure Farm with the kiddies, where they can take a wagon ride, venture a corn maze, jump on the bounce pillows and much more!

Also, there are Fall Festivals and Fairs, Horse and Buggy Rides through Lancaster County, Hot Air Balloon Rides and so much more!! For our family, the best part out of our whole trip is ending the day with dinner at Miller’s Smorgasbord. I know most people have been to Shady Maple but Miller’s is personally my favorite. Plus it’s open on Sundays! Make sure to go online for a $3 off dinner coupon. Also stop by the Gift and Bake shops at Miller’s for some take home treats. Lancaster County Fall Fun

You also should check your township’s website to see what is happening in your local area.

Now that I’ve given you some Fall Family Fun Activities, get your calendar out and start planning your Fall Family Fun!!


Best Kids Costumes 2016

“Here comes Halloween, Here comes Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Hal-lo-weennn….”(Can you guess what movie that is from?!!)

Is anyone else as excited as I am for Halloween?!! I’m sure everyone is. To be honest I think I know more people who get more excited for Halloween than any other holiday! Growing up my favorite holiday was Christmas, like most kids, but as I got older, it became Halloween. It’s not about the candy anymore but about actually having fun…It’s not about presents. It’s about FUN, LAUGHS, and CREATIVITY!

Each year I surf the stores and the internet like crazy trying to find the perfect costumes for me and my family. So I decided to put together some ideas for all you moms and dads! So here you go!



This is the Child Burlap Voodoo Doll Costume. I think I may have my whole family do this one this year! Check out more about this costume here! Fun Costumes unisex-child Child Burlap Voodoo Doll Costume Large (12-14)



I definitely think that this is going to be an all around fan favorite between kids and adults. This child Harley Quinn costume is sure to grab some attention! And why not partner it up with The Joker of course… Rubies Costume Co. Inc girls Child Harley Quinn Jumpsuit Costume Small  Rubies DC Super Villains The Joker Costume, Child Large

Of course you can’t forget the Ultimate Black Panther from Captain America Civil War! Your little one is sure to get some fighting action against Captain America and his friends with this costume. Pair it up with Captain America himself! Rubie’s Costume Captain America: Civil War Deluxe Black Panther Costume, Medium

And who can resist the Alice In Wonderland and Queen of Hearts costumes?! Everyone in the family can pick a character from the movie and enjoy a night of Trick-or-Treating adventure as Alice In Wonderland and her friends! Alice in Wonderland Deluxe Kids Costume  Disguise Queen Deluxe Alice Through The Looking Glass Movie Disney Costume, Red, Small/4-6X


The only problem your little one is going to have this Halloween is picking out which Ninjago he is going to be!! This is a great costume idea for brothers to all do together, or maybe him and a few of his good friends can become Ninjagos! Alone or with a group, this is an awesome costume idea!! Disguise Jay Prestige Ninjago LEGO Costume, Small/4-6

horsemanThe Headless Horseman is one of MY personal favorites. I have been trying to get my oldest to do this for Halloween for years now, but unfortunately, I haven’t accomplished that goal..(haha) This costume is fun, scary, and will get a lot of attention. So for those whose kids are looking for something that you won’t see many of… this is THE ONE! California Costumes Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman Child Costume, Medium

If I had a little girl, (which I will next year!) then this is what she would be…Snow White… For a little brother along side of her or for Twins,(boy and girl) this would be perfect!!  So cute!! SNOW WHITE INFANT Costume, Multi, 12-18 Months  InCharacter Baby Boy’s Garden Gnome Costume, Red/Blue, Small

With it being pretty chilly outside come Halloween, I think a Werewolf is a great idea! It’s cute, it’s fun and most importantly IT’S WARM! Make sure to have Little Red Riding Hood tag along for some fun!! InCharacter Boys’ Wee Werewolf Costume, Multi, Small  Rubie’s Red Riding Hood Toddler Halloween costume 885657-T

You can never go wrong with being a Zombie for Halloween. You can be a more scary zombie or a cool neon glow zombie! This is cool for a group of Tween girls...How cool would it be if you and all your friends Trick-or-Treated as a big group of ZOMBIES!! Zombie School Girl Costume – Large     Neon Zombie Girl Kids Costume

Five Nights of Freddy is a popular computer and mobile horror game that all the kids are talking about! These costumes are sure to get some scary points!! Rubie’s Costume Kids Five Nights at Freddy’s Foxy Costume, Medium  Rubie’s Costume Kids Five Nights at Freddy’s Bonnie Costume, Medium

Aren’t these birds to FLY for! (HAHA..I know I’m just too funny!) Who wouldn’t want to dress their little ones up in one of these costumes? A Peacock or an Owl! Just adorable! InCharacter Costumes Baby’s Precious Peacock Costume, Blue/Yellow, Small  InCharacter Costumes Baby’s What A Hoot Owl Costume, Brown/Multi, 6 to 12 months

If those birdies aren’t appealing, then why not try this cute puppy dog or lil piggy! Your little one is sure to steal the night with these adorable costumes!!  InCharacter Costumes Baby’s Puppy Love Costume, Tan/White/Black, Medium  InCharacter Costumes Baby’s This Lil’ Piggy Costume, Pink, Small

Last but not least… You can’t forget Pikachu! With all this Pokemon Go happening everywhere we go, why not finally be Pikachu for a night! I’m pretty sure this is going to be a popular one this year… Pokemon Girl Pikachu Costume Dress, Medium  Pokemon Child’s Deluxe Pikachu Costume – One Color – Medium

Well, I hope you were able to get some ideas for what your child is going to be for Halloween this year!! And for those who aren’t Halloween store shopping this year, look out for my DIY Family Costumes next week!

Please comment and let me know some of your ideas! Also please comment if you decided to go with anyone of these!!


The Truth of Motherhood

“The Truth of Motherhood’…Well, I think this is something all us Mothers want to know. I think it’s something we work on everyday to figure out, But can we truly figure out The Truth of Motherhood? Like they say, there are always two sides to a story, to a situation, even to the truth. So what is the truth?

Does anyone know? (Please message me if you Because I’m on baby number four and some days I feel like it’s my first day as a mom. I ask myself everyday…

How is it possible that after 3 children, I still can’t handle the smell of my son’s poo?!(like it’s so little…how can such a little thing release something so stinky?!) How is it possible that I still can’t figure out a perfect night routine that actually works all of the time! But then again, I don’t think I’ve even mastered my own night routine after 31 years…haha. 

How is it possible that after 3 children, I still have to research ways to potty train my 2- 1/2 year old? (Yes, I still do.) You would think that I’d be such an expert by now, that I could go house to house as a professional Potty Trainer…

How is it possible that after 3 children, I still struggle morning and evening to brush my son’s tiny teeth. How hard can it be to brush a few teeth?! Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s HARD! It’s something I’ve never mastered. Kids just hate brushing their teeth. (Believe me, I’ve tried all kinds of things and same results, some days are easy, but most are a battle.)

How is it possible that after 3 children, I still can’t keep the floors in the house free of toys. If you walked in my house, you would think that a toy bomb dropped in…Maybe I should get one of those golf ball vacuum machines and call it the Toy Sweeper…(I think I’m on to something!)

How is it possible that after 3 children, I still have a hard time saying NO to his cute little face, when I know that if I don’t say NO, then I’ll always have to say YES. Believe me, I’m still paying for it with my 13 and 11 year old boys… For all you moms, you know exactly what I mean. My husband always says “I have an idea…Just say No.” Like really? Why is it so easy for dads? Although it’s probably because they are all boys. I know when our little princess is born, it’s GAME OVER for daddy. I think he’ll finally feel my pain…lol. (Hopefully!)

How is it possible that after 3 children, I still think that I’ll be able to sit in silence in the morning and drink a coffee. (I know you moms are like, she’s crazy…a cup of coffee with no interruptions?!) Wishful thinking I guess…

So, what is the truth of motherhood?  I guess I may never know…


To The Neighbor With No Kids


I’m sure most of you have seen the movie “Bad Neighbors,” (Love that movie!) Well…I haven’t had neighbors like that before but I’ve had some before that came This one is for that ONE neighbor we all have had (or will) with no kids…

So to that neighbor that gives you a look of disgust when they see you and your children. Like how dare I have children

To that neighbor who always makes it a point to set a toy at your front door that was left outside. Please forgive me for dropping one on the way in because I had 4 bags of groceries and a toddler on my hip.

To that neighbor who bangs their ceiling with a broom when your toddler is happily running around and playing with their toys. Sorry, I’ll make sure to have him sit all day on the couch.

To that neighbor that parks so close to you, that you can barely open your door to get in. Thank you, now I have to back out before I can put my toddlers in their car seat.

To that neighbor that shovels their parking spot and throws all of their snow onto your freshly shoveled spot. Thank you, Now I have to go back out after the kids are sleeping (not to mention it’s below zero) and re-shovel it. Yay! Now I’m out of another 2 hours of sleep…

To the neighbor whose dog loves my front lawn for their morning sessions…Thank you, Now my son’s new sneakers are officially the model shoe for Milton Hershey’s Chocolate Factory. 

To that neighbor…I know it’s hard to understand when you don’t have kids, but please don’t be so hard on those who do!!

I’d love to hear any neighbor stories that any of you may have!! Comment below!


“Will He Still Look at Me The Same”

That look in his eyes when I shared to him the big news that he soon would be a big brother and no longer the baby of the house.  I think this is something that every mother is faced with at some point in her life.

With all the excitement going on about bringing our baby girl Annamaria into the world, I forgot about my little guy. It was at that moment, that so many thoughts started running through my mind. Will he still look at me the same, will he love me any less, is he going to understand, how will I play with him and take care of her?  Then I thought, he has to know, he has to know that I would never love him any less and that we are only being blessed even more than we already are. That he will have someone else to love him and to share this amazing journey of life. But let’s be honest, these are all the things that us moms worry about.

I then told my husband and of course, he thought I was crazy lol. He told me that the bond I have with my children could never be broken. That it will only grow stronger. (He always knows what to say!) I know that he’s right but I can’t help but to think these things.

All he knows, is he’s been the only one for the last 2 1/2 years to sit on my hips. Now he will have to share the other one. For 2 1/2 years, he has been the only one to sit on my lap while we watch movies together. Now he will have to share my lap. For 2 1/2 years, he has been the only one to cuddle in my arms at night. Now he will have to share my other side. For 2 1/2 years he has been the only one that I sing lullabies to, to help him fall asleep. Now he will have to share that time at night while I sing lullabies to his baby sister, to now help her fall asleep. For 2 1/2 years, he has been the only one to have all that is left of me after a long day. Now he will have to share that time. He will no longer have all of me, all of the time.

These were all the things I also thought about 11 years ago, when I brought my second child into the world. I remember breaking down and crying, because I was so afraid that my baby boy who always got all of me, will now have to share. I thought, how would that effect him?

Well I’m here to tell you that everything is going to be JUST FINE!!! I think I’ve learned a few things after having three children. (At least I tell myself that!) All those worries that I once had, I no longer do, because I know that as a mother, you never run out of enough love. There’s no such thing as only being able to love one child. If you’re a mother of multiple children, you know exactly what I mean, and for those moms to be, or to be for the second time, you will soon understand.

Love for a child is an amazing thing and it will not disappoint you. It will not take away from you but only give you more, and sometimes that is hard to imagine. So stop worrying and asking yourself so many questions and just believe in the power of love. The power of a child’s love, the power of a mother’s love. Like they say “Love Conquers All,” and believe me, you will soon see…


Gender Reveal Ideas


So not all of you know but I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and my husband and I just found out yesterday what we were blessed with…A GIRL!!!

We currently have 3 boys, so we were defiently eager to reveal to them the addition to the family.

As soon as we found out, we decided to create two things to reveal to all of our family and friends. For social media, we created a cute IT’S A GIRL photo and for our boys that were super excited to find out, we created a game for them to play to reveal the gender.

This was for social media:its-a-girl

For our boys, I wrote it’s a girl on one strip of paper and put it in a bowl with a bunch of  folded blank pieces of paper. It was so exciting to watch them open each one until one of them picked the lucky one!! gender-game

I know that this can be a very exciting moment for anyone who is expecting, so I came up with some cute Gender Reveal Ideas to add to any ideas you may already have or seen.

Gender Reveal Ideas

  1. Go to the dollar store and grab some blue and pink gift bags. Fill them each with tissue paper and put a surprise revealing the gender in one of those bags. This can be used for a few people or for a big Reveal Party. 
  2. Have an Egg Hunt! This one can be so much fun for family and friends to play!! You’ll get so much excitement just watching everyone running around and opening each egg with anticipation!! 
  3. Holiday Reveals can be added to any which way you decide to reveal the gender. Such as using pumpkins in the fall by coloring the back of one and you and your partner turning the pumpkin around at the same time to reveal. During Winter,  you can build a snowman and dress it up as a boy or girl and post a picture for family and friends on Social Media/Text. Summer there are an endless amount of things you can do! Be creative and have fun with it!
  4. Apple Dunking! Have each person dunk for an apple until someone picks the apple that has the reveal on it. This one can be REALLY fun!! 
  5. Have a cool whip pie contest and only one of those pies will have the surprise inside. Have everyone sit at a table with their hands behind their backs and let them go to town! This is definitely something to laugh about for years to come!

These are just some ideas. Now go get creative!! 

Please comment and let me know the things you have done! 

6 Books Every Woman Should Read

images-2I know some people are probably thinking why I say books women should read right? Well, I say that because unfortunately, many woman don’t read enough motivation and inspiration. (I was one!)

So as I was doing my summer cleaning, getting ready for the Fall,(YAY!) I started going through all of mine and my husbands books. By the way, did I mention I’m lucky that I’m married to a book-worm! lol…I have to say, when I first saw some of his book collection, I said to myself, you won’t catch me reading any of those. But soon enough, I started reading them. And to my surprise, I actually liked them! (Who would’ve thought!)

Now the whole “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” definitely goes for most of these books. They look boring as heck, but they are very informative and will leave you feeling motivated and ready for the next big thing! Of course I had to throw 2 in there that are for fun!


When To Speak UP and When To Shut UP…By Dr Michael D. Sedler- This book is great with teaching you the importance of when to Speak up and when not to. I know that I’ve been in situations with friends and family where I wish I would have said something, and there were times, I wish I would have just SHUT UP! This book is a must read and is only 156 pages. You’d be surprised how much better your relationships will be by reading this book and applying what’s in it to your everyday life. Click the link to buy this book now! When to Speak Up and When To Shut Up


Time Management…By Brian Tracy– Umm…I should have sold you at those first two words! I think we all struggle with this issue and lets face it, it can really affect a lot of things in your everyday activities if you don’t learn how to manage it. This book is only 99 pages so, NO EXCUSES!! Get your copy here – Time Management (The Brian Tracy Success Library)


Make Today Count…By John C. Maxwell- I’m in complete agreeance that your success is based upon your daily agenda. We all have a million things to do, but without having a plan, you won’t be able to have the most successful and productive day possible. So MAKE IT COUNT! Find out how, by picking up a copy today! Easy read…130 pages. Make Today Count: The Secret of Your Success Is Determined by Your Daily Agenda


Act Like A Lady…Think Like A Man, by Steve Harvey- It’s a #1 New York Times Bestseller…Well I did say I was going to throw some fun ones in there, so this is one! So ladies, this one talks about the way men really thing about relationships, Intimacy, commitment and love. And we all know that it’s something we wonder about every day. I definitely have enjoyed reading this one!! ACT LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A MAN:By Steve Harvey:Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment [Hardcover] 1st Edition


Control The Crazy…by Vinny Guadagnino- (Which if you don’t already know, he’s Vinny from The Jersey Shore reality T.V. show)…This book is great with teaching you how to deal with the everyday stresses that our lives throw at us. If anyone has watched Jersey Shore or knows anything about Vinny’s life outside of the Reality Show, then you should know that this book will definitely   leave you with some valuable advice. Stop dealing with all the drama and go get yourself “Control The Crazy”! Control the Crazy: My Plan to Stop Stressing, Avoid Drama, and Maintain Inner Cool


Lanc. Co. Amish Cookbook-  Well of course I had to throw in a cookbook! I don’t think you can ever have enough cookbooks in your home. This one I love so much because my family and I got it while we were visiting the amazing Lancaster County Amish Country. You’ll be making breads, Jams and Jellies, Cheese, Pies and the list goes on. Take a trip down to Amish Country and grab yourself a cookbook that will have your kitchen and home smelling DELICIOUS!!

Please comment and let me know some of your favorite books!




5 Easy Steps to Prepare for Back to School…

So, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably running around crazy getting all of your back to school stuff for your kids. ( I have 3 boys, and 1 on the way!) And not to mention that I do it last-minute!  While all this shopping for this and that is going on, we sometimes forget the things that end up driving us crazy the most. So I decided to fill you all in on the “5” most important things that I have figured out to be the most beneficial to help my kids and myself get ready for all the back to school CRAZINESS!!

  1. Start setting those early bed times…Over the years, I realized it was the number one issue I always had with the whole getting back into school routine. I always worried about school supplies and clothes but those have now become the least of my worries. Set those bed times starting 3 weeks before by cutting them down a 1/2 hour a week from the time they are going to bed now (or whatever your household agrees to)  until the last week which should be their school bed time. images
  2. Getting up at school start time…If your kids are anything like mine, this is probably the hardest. The only one in our household that is a morning person, is my husband…(Yes hunny you get the morning person award…lol). Get those alarm clocks set and make sure they’re up and doing stuff just as if they were at school. (That means no naps and lounging around). Reading-books-2
  3. Reading before bed…Make sure you get those kiddos reading for at least a 1/2 hour before bed. It will help get them back into the reading routine for school, plus it’s a good way for them to settle their minds before they hit those pillows. It never fails, my kids are snoring at 31 minutes! (Hehe…)296747958_8c15e91e3f_b
  4. Practice Worksheets…So to get their minds back into gear and focused, get them back in the habit of problem solving. There are plenty of educational sites that offer free online practice and worksheets that you can print out and have them work on. I would recommend Math and English but do whatever your family thinks is of greater importance to get ready the upcoming school year. maxresdefault
  5. MORNING ROUTINE!!!…Right next to getting prepared for waking up early in the morning, this is by far, the MOST important of them all!! (At least in our household)… I know that I, myself, have to get in the habit of creating a morning routine when back to school time comes. There’s like 100 things happening at the same time and it can be frustrating and exhausting! So getting a good morning family routine up and running, is crucial. It can really determine how the rest of someone’s day is going to go. I know how easy it is to have a day go completely wrong, just because the morning started out on the wrong note. So to assure that everyone gets the best possible day, I recommend getting this morning routine together!! (Save yourself a trip to the crazy house!)

What types of things does your family do to prepare for back to school? Comment and let me know!