Did You Shower Today?



Did You Shower Today?

So, most of you are probably wondering why I am asking if you showered today? Well, I knew you would be curious and take a further look into why exactly I am asking this question. What I really mean is, what did you do today to motivate yourself, your team, your children, your wife, your husband?

I guarantee, if I would have titled my blog as, “What have you done today to motivate yourself,” most people would just pass by it. It’s a shame, but as most of us already know, it’s the truth. How many times can you say, that you posted something that was motivational, spiritual, or educational, and you got no response from your social media circle? How many views did you get? How many likes did you get? How many people actually responded to your post? I’ve noticed that anytime I posted something of that nature, I barely got any involvement, but if I posted a picture of myself or my children, I would get a lot of responses. It’s just how things work.

It has taken me a long time to learn how to motivate myself and the importance of motivation. I can honestly say that a lack of motivation has been a major part of my life, which has prevented me from accomplishing a lot of things I wanted to do.  It’s not something that is programmed in you and turns on each day.  You have to manually turn that switch on every day. That’s why I say, did you shower today. You have a choice to shower each day. We aren’t required to but we recommend it! That’s exactly how motivation works.  Just like you notice the difference in yourself when you shower, compared to when you don’t shower. When you do, you feel fresh, clean and re-energized!

Have you ever noticed when you first start something how excited and motivated you are? Can you imagine if you had that feeling every day! The truth is, most people don’t. They have to work at it every day to accomplish their dreams. Motivation is what separates successful people from non-successful people. If I would have known the importance of motivation years ago, I would probably be a lot further than I am now, and I would have pursued and mastered many different things.

For myself as a wife and mother, I realized that it affects my household when I slack in the motivation area, so I make sure that each and every day, I do something to motivate myself so that I can motivate the rest of the household, even when they don’t want to.

 We expect our children to get up, go to school, do their homework, study, do their chores, be involved with sports, and practice their instruments, but with what motivation? To keep up with all of those things, they need LOTS of motivation. If we can’t be a symbol of motivation to our children and teach them the importance of it and how to recharge it every day, then we can’t expect them to succeed to their fullest potential in life.

After recently having my baby Julian a month ago, you would think that I have an excuse to slack, but in reality, I feel obligated to turn my switch on and keep it on even more. You should never have an excuse to stop motivating yourself, regardless of the reason. When you start allowing yourself to make excuses on why you didn’t motivate yourself, or when you allow yourself to say, I’ll do it tomorrow, that’s when tomorrow turns into the next day, which then turns into next week, which then turns into never. You end up with a pile of non-accomplished goals.

 I would say my biggest motivation is my husband. I personally think that your partner should be your motivation as you should be theirs.  He inspires me and motivates me to be better than I was yesterday, and knowing that someone cares about me that much to see me do well, is a motivation in itself.

Whatever your motivation may be, make sure to bathe yourself in it every day, and I mean EVERY DAY! Your goals and dreams are too important to not achieve them because you skipped a day. I promise you that with a little motivation each day, life will be that much better!

So now that you’re done reading my blog, GO TAKE A SHOWER! 


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