5 Easy Steps to Prepare for Back to School…

So, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably running around crazy getting all of your back to school stuff for your kids. ( I have 3 boys, and 1 on the way!) And not to mention that I do it last-minute!  While all this shopping for this and that is going on, we sometimes forget the things that end up driving us crazy the most. So I decided to fill you all in on the “5” most important things that I have figured out to be the most beneficial to help my kids and myself get ready for all the back to school CRAZINESS!!

  1. Start setting those early bed times…Over the years, I realized it was the number one issue I always had with the whole getting back into school routine. I always worried about school supplies and clothes but those have now become the least of my worries. Set those bed times starting 3 weeks before by cutting them down a 1/2 hour a week from the time they are going to bed now (or whatever your household agrees to)  until the last week which should be their school bed time. images
  2. Getting up at school start time…If your kids are anything like mine, this is probably the hardest. The only one in our household that is a morning person, is my husband…(Yes hunny you get the morning person award…lol). Get those alarm clocks set and make sure they’re up and doing stuff just as if they were at school. (That means no naps and lounging around). Reading-books-2
  3. Reading before bed…Make sure you get those kiddos reading for at least a 1/2 hour before bed. It will help get them back into the reading routine for school, plus it’s a good way for them to settle their minds before they hit those pillows. It never fails, my kids are snoring at 31 minutes! (Hehe…)296747958_8c15e91e3f_b
  4. Practice Worksheets…So to get their minds back into gear and focused, get them back in the habit of problem solving. There are plenty of educational sites that offer free online practice and worksheets that you can print out and have them work on. I would recommend Math and English but do whatever your family thinks is of greater importance to get ready the upcoming school year. maxresdefault
  5. MORNING ROUTINE!!!…Right next to getting prepared for waking up early in the morning, this is by far, the MOST important of them all!! (At least in our household)… I know that I, myself, have to get in the habit of creating a morning routine when back to school time comes. There’s like 100 things happening at the same time and it can be frustrating and exhausting! So getting a good morning family routine up and running, is crucial. It can really determine how the rest of someone’s day is going to go. I know how easy it is to have a day go completely wrong, just because the morning started out on the wrong note. So to assure that everyone gets the best possible day, I recommend getting this morning routine together!! (Save yourself a trip to the crazy house!)

What types of things does your family do to prepare for back to school? Comment and let me know! 



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