Gender Reveal Ideas


So not all of you know but I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and my husband and I just found out yesterday what we were blessed with…A GIRL!!!

We currently have 3 boys, so we were defiently eager to reveal to them the addition to the family.

As soon as we found out, we decided to create two things to reveal to all of our family and friends. For social media, we created a cute IT’S A GIRL photo and for our boys that were super excited to find out, we created a game for them to play to reveal the gender.

This was for social media:its-a-girl

For our boys, I wrote it’s a girl on one strip of paper and put it in a bowl with a bunch of  folded blank pieces of paper. It was so exciting to watch them open each one until one of them picked the lucky one!! gender-game

I know that this can be a very exciting moment for anyone who is expecting, so I came up with some cute Gender Reveal Ideas to add to any ideas you may already have or seen.

Gender Reveal Ideas

  1. Go to the dollar store and grab some blue and pink gift bags. Fill them each with tissue paper and put a surprise revealing the gender in one of those bags. This can be used for a few people or for a big Reveal Party. 
  2. Have an Egg Hunt! This one can be so much fun for family and friends to play!! You’ll get so much excitement just watching everyone running around and opening each egg with anticipation!! 
  3. Holiday Reveals can be added to any which way you decide to reveal the gender. Such as using pumpkins in the fall by coloring the back of one and you and your partner turning the pumpkin around at the same time to reveal. During Winter,  you can build a snowman and dress it up as a boy or girl and post a picture for family and friends on Social Media/Text. Summer there are an endless amount of things you can do! Be creative and have fun with it!
  4. Apple Dunking! Have each person dunk for an apple until someone picks the apple that has the reveal on it. This one can be REALLY fun!! 
  5. Have a cool whip pie contest and only one of those pies will have the surprise inside. Have everyone sit at a table with their hands behind their backs and let them go to town! This is definitely something to laugh about for years to come!

These are just some ideas. Now go get creative!! 

Please comment and let me know the things you have done! 


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