To The Neighbor With No Kids


I’m sure most of you have seen the movie “Bad Neighbors,” (Love that movie!) Well…I haven’t had neighbors like that before but I’ve had some before that came This one is for that ONE neighbor we all have had (or will) with no kids…

So to that neighbor that gives you a look of disgust when they see you and your children. Like how dare I have children

To that neighbor who always makes it a point to set a toy at your front door that was left outside. Please forgive me for dropping one on the way in because I had 4 bags of groceries and a toddler on my hip.

To that neighbor who bangs their ceiling with a broom when your toddler is happily running around and playing with their toys. Sorry, I’ll make sure to have him sit all day on the couch.

To that neighbor that parks so close to you, that you can barely open your door to get in. Thank you, now I have to back out before I can put my toddlers in their car seat.

To that neighbor that shovels their parking spot and throws all of their snow onto your freshly shoveled spot. Thank you, Now I have to go back out after the kids are sleeping (not to mention it’s below zero) and re-shovel it. Yay! Now I’m out of another 2 hours of sleep…

To the neighbor whose dog loves my front lawn for their morning sessions…Thank you, Now my son’s new sneakers are officially the model shoe for Milton Hershey’s Chocolate Factory. 

To that neighbor…I know it’s hard to understand when you don’t have kids, but please don’t be so hard on those who do!!

I’d love to hear any neighbor stories that any of you may have!! Comment below!



One thought on “To The Neighbor With No Kids

  1. Jayson says:

    So about 3 weeks ago my neighbor I call the beast loves to spray the vehicles outside her apartment. Windows up or down it dost matter.. she also loves to stare into my windows constantly. Called the cops on me so many times I think I know everyone in horsham by name. In the past 3 years that she has been there not one person has stopped by to see her. When she moved in she said she dosnt even get along with her family. I thought to myself wow i bet tour a winner. My point has been proved But what goes around comes around

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