31 Days of Halloween

Yay for October!! I’m sure everyone is just as excited as I am about the month of October. Although I enjoy all the Fall months, October happens to be my favorite. I guess because it’s the beginning of the season and everything pumpkin and scary is in full effect!

By the time November hits, I personally have to give all the pumpkin stuff a break…Plus that’s when all the Christmas flavors hit the stands and Holiday cheer is needed…especially after a month of being scared every night before you go to bed…lol.

Anyways, So in our home, every night we sit down together after dinner to watch a Halloween themed movie. Here is my list of 31 Days of Halloween counting down from 31!! Enjoy and please let me know some movies your family enjoys.

31. The Addams Family



I love starting things off with some older traditional ones and more on the not so scary side. I still love this movie!

30. Corpse Bride

I’m such a big Tim Burton Fan so I always almost want to watch this movie right away. I’m sure most will agree

29. Halloween-The Night He Came Home 

Considering there are 10 Halloween Films, I spread them out throughout the month. (We only watch 8 of them though because I don’t like the last two).

28. Hocus Pocus hocus-pocus

This movie never gets old!

27. Sleepy Hallow

Who doesn’t enjoy a night by the T.V. watching Sleepy Hallow!

26. Halloween IIhalloween-ii

25. BeetleJuice

A Classic that is still just as good as when I first watched it!

24. IT-This movie gets me every time. I’m not a big clown fan so I’m pretty shaken by the end of this film!

23. Monster Housemonster-house

We watch this whether it’s October or not.

22. HellRaiserhellraiser

This is definitely a good classic that will have the kids spooked.

21. Carriecarrie

 I like the original but they also have the newer version as well that is good too.

20. The Nightmare Before Christmasnightmare

 One of my favorites all year round!

19. Halloween III-Season of the Witch…

18. ET- The Extra-Terrestrial

17. Casper

16. Friday the 13th –Now one thing I love about Halloween time is Jason, Micheal, and Freddy. So I make sure I get them all in..lol

15. A Nightmare on Elm St. freddy

14. Ernest Scared Stupid- I always like to throw in some non-scary movies.

13. Scared Shrekless- Make sure to add some ones in there for the little ones!

12. Halloween 4- The Return of Micheal Myers

11. Child’s PlayYou can’t forget about Chuckie!

10. Red Riding Hood– I love the 2011 version!

9. Halloween 5The Revenge of Micheal Myers

8. Child’s Play 2

7. Freddy VS. Jason

6. Boogeyman

5. Halloween-The Curse of Micheal Myers

4. Halloween H2O

3. Jason X

2. The Exorcist

1. Halloween Resurrection- I always like the last day for a good old Micheal Myers Movie!


So there are my 31 Days of Halloween Films!! I hope you all get a chance to watch a few!! Happy Movieween!!





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