The Truth About Sex During Pregnancy

pregnant-1Yes, I know I said it, SEX! I’m not sure why people get so bent out of shape about sex, but it’s a part of our everyday life and it’s how miracles are made!! (In my case four to be exact…lol).

So, I’ve decided to write this article because I myself, am currently pregnant and a lot of my friends are as well. I know that sex during pregnancy has always been a concern of mine and for most other moms to be.

Although I have 3 other children, I’ve always questioned whether it was safe, what were the pros and cons and when should I stop.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s perfectly normal to keep having sex during pregnancy. In fact, it’s HEALTHY! There’s no reason that you have to stop being intimate with your partner because you’re pregnant.

I have to admit that during my first two pregnancies, I stopped at six months. I was afraid that I would hurt the baby if I continued. But after doing so much research and reading so many books, I’ve come to learn that it’s not harmful at all!  In fact, it provides a lot more benefits for baby, mom, and dad!

Now that I’m into my third trimester, I’m experiencing the heartburn and Insomnia at night. I’m pretty exhausted during the day, but when those lights go out, baby and I are wide awake. One of those nights I decided to be intimate with my partner and right after, I passed out like a baby. I slept so well that I even forgot when or how I fell asleep.  To my surprise, I woke up with energy and in a great mood!

I’ve spoken to a lot of my friends that have been pregnant in the past, and everyone seems to shy away from the idea of sex during pregnancy. I completely understand why as well.

Sometimes a woman at that stage just feels uncomfortable with everything that’s going on inside and we don’t always have the most confidence, but I’m sure that daddy understands and is willing to help you through the process to make you feel as beautiful as you are!!

I’ve listed all the Benefits of sex during pregnancy to help ease all your worries!! And of course, if you have any medical conditions that you are afraid may stop you from being intimate, make sure to consult with your doctor or midwife.

  • The number one thing that women and their partner worry about is…Will I hurt the baby during intercourse? The answer is NO! The baby is well protected by the Uterus muscles and the Amniotic Sac.
  • Sex lowers your blood pressure…Now this is very important during pregnancy, it helps to prevent Pre-eclampsia (which I actually had during my first pregnancy. I can tell you that it was very scary, and remember I stopped having sex at 6 months during that pregnancy).  Having sex supplies better blood flow so that baby can receive better oxygen, therefore receiving all the nutrients needed for the best development and growth.
  • Stress Reducer…This I have to say is so so true. Those nights that I mentioned earlier where I have trouble sleeping, well sex has been a fixer for my insomnia. Orgasms during pregnancy are actually stronger due to the estrogen blood flow and sensitive nerve endings. Some women actually experience an orgasm for the first time during pregnancy! That’s a stress reducer in its self!
  • Connecting to your partner…I know a lot of women think that now that they are pregnant, they no longer have to be intimate with their partner due to the circumstances. Ladies, this is not true!  In fact, it’s probably more important now than ever. It’s great for bonding and considering you won’t be able to be intimate for at least four weeks after delivery, you’ll need all the bonding you can get before baby comes.
  • Stronger Pelvic Floor Muscles…Although some women prefer to do just their Kegels, I prefer both. Sex will help to strengthen those pelvic muscles and help you get ready for labor. The stronger those pelvic muscles are, the easier labor will be for you and baby.
  • Boosts Immunity…Yes ladies, if I haven’t convinced you yet, then this is the ONE benefit that should have you connecting with your partner tonight. With the weather getting colder and your immune system already at a low, sex will help keep you and baby healthy. When you have sex your IGA Antibody level increases, which help to keep away those colds. So I say, Sex once a day, keeps the doctor away…hehe!!
  • Confidence Booster…I know it’s not always easy to feel sexy and beautiful during pregnancy, but it’s important to know that being pregnant is an amazing and beautiful thing. Understanding that and embracing it, will help get you through those tough days. And believe me, nothing is sexier than a confident woman.
  • Helps to improve sleep…Like I mentioned before about my prior issues, after you have an orgasm, endorphins are released which help calm the body and the baby. The motion during sex can actually “rock the baby to sleep”, allowing you to get the rest needed to help ease fatigue the next day. I’ve actually tested this, and days my partner and I are not intimate, I have a hard time sleeping, therefore leaving me restless and nagging the next day.
  • Preparation for Labor…Having sex up until the day you deliver (as long as you are having a normal healthy pregnancy), will help for the big day. The semen actually helps to ripen and prepare the uterus for delivery. I stayed faithful to this during my last pregnancy and we delivered on our due date! It was a fast and healthy delivery.

Now that you know some of the most important benefits of sex during pregnancy, start enjoying what is left of your pregnancy experience. Remember that this is a time to enjoy this adventure and to know what it’s going to bring. A miracle is being created and there is no need to be ashamed of it, or for it to not be enjoyable for you or your partner.

This is the time to bond and get ready for a new life. I hope that this was able to shed some light for all you beautiful pregnant mommas out there!! I’ve attached a link to also help ease those position questions and concerns. Pregnancy Sex Positions



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